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When you make a donation of any size toward Special Offer – Fish Come First, we will send you the CD set and digital downloads with Bonus Materials for Pastor Alan DiDio’s series, “Fish Still Come First” FREE as our gift to you.  This is more than another teaching series; it is a divine revelation that has dramatically transformed the lives of many and will for you too!

Fish Come First CD Set includes:

CD 1 – A Draught of Fish

CD 2 – Fishers of Men

CD 3 – Miracles of Multiplication

CD 4 -10 Keys to Entering Your Wealthy Place


Fish Still Come First Digital Download Series includes:

1)  A Draught of Fish (mp3)

2) Fishers of Men (mp3)

3)  Miracles of Multiplication (mp3)

4) 10 Keys to Entering Your Wealthy Place (mp3)

5) Grace for Prosperity (mp4)

6) Abounding Grace (mp4)

7) Encounter Today Fish Come First Special (mp4)

8) 101 Prosperity Confessions (pdf)

9) 10 Debt Destroying Strategies (pdf)

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