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Fish Come First eCourse

By joining this eCourse, you will receive access to 10 Life Changing Lessons that include more than 6 Videos, 4 Audios, and 3 PDFs, PLUS Extra Notes with each lesson. This course covers a range of topics like:

  • Fish Come First: A Radical Revelation of Abundance
  • How to enter your wealthy place
  • What it means to receive grace for prosperity
  • How to defend the prosperity message with the Word of God
  • Top 10 debt destroying strategies you can apply today
  • and much MORE! 

This is not just a course... it's a movement that will fuel the end-time revival!

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Proverbs Devotional Journal

When you make a donation of any size towards Special Offer - Proverbs, we will send you a FREE copy of the Encounter Today Proverbs Journal as our gift to you. It is a wonderful resource to accompany our NEW eCourse, The Secrets if Solomon’s Success.

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