Resurrection Seed 2022

Fish Come First Print

ATTENTION: God is about to release a Lazarus Anointing over you and your house!

Passover is a time when God does miracles. This is your season of signs and wonders. God is going to release a powerful anointing that will revive your dreams, prayers, and passions. You don’t want to miss out on this breakthrough season! This year God has spoken to our hearts and said, "During this time I want you to celebrate Me giving My best on Calvary by you giving your best."

This year, when you sow towards helping us to take the Gospel around the world, we have a very special gift we'd like to place in your hands. We have commissioned a unique piece of art to be created that will bring beauty into your home and inspire faith in your heart. The image you see above is the result of an extensive and inspired prophetic process with the artist, Marisol Bonet. After listening to and praying through our new e-course titled, "Fish Come First" this artist has captured the essence of that revelation in this piece with layer upon layer of symbolism and beauty.

Fish Come First - Hand - Embellished Fine Art Print (11X17)

  • A series of gold rings, or coins, represent the 5 areas of dominion (Genesis 1:26) and are also a reminder of the coin found in the mouth of the fish (Matthew 17).
  • At the bottom of the piece, embedded in the background, is a reference to “The Miraculous Draught of Fishes” , a painting by Jacopo Bassano (1545). It depicts the account of the abundant catch of fish Peter and the disciples found in Luke chapter 5.
  • The artist loves to include hidden symbols in her paintings as well. If you look closely at the coins, you will see the Hebrew script for Psalm 35:27 across both coins. The symbol in the middle is inspired by the Encounter Today logo. It has been layered with several glazes to give the impression of an aged, worn ancient coin
  • And much more!

When you give a Resurrection Seed of $500 or more, we will send you this Fish Come First commissioned artwork print created just for you.  Along with the 11X17 print, you will receive an official letter from the artist detailing the prophetic meaning and symbolism behind each brush stroke. Also, to thank you for your partnership, you will receive free access to our new Fish Come First eCourse with hours of teaching on this prophetic word that will change your life.

For those who aren't familiar with the Fish Come First revelation, now is your chance to grab ahold of this life-altering teaching series! When you sow a gift of any size, we will bless you with access to this extraordinary eCourse.

Every single year we see miraculous healings, powerful deliverances, financial provision, and family restoration. This is your chance to receive the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Send us your prayer request so that we can lay it on our altar and stand in faith with you.

Thank you for sowing your very best gift this Passover season! As you honor Him with your obedience, get ready to receive His resurrection anointing in your life!