Over time Christians often become complacent in their walk and witness. Sound familiar? You know the right answers. There’s no blatant sin holding you back. And yet, inside your soul there is a stirring – a hunger for more. If this is where you find yourself, congratulations. This is just the book you need. 

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Lectures On Revival

Encounter Chapter Reviews & Small Group Studies on Revival

Chapter 1 Review: Where Is the Power

Chapter 2 Review: The Missing Ingredient

Chapter 3 Review: Much Needed R & R

Lecture 4: The American Revolution & Prayer

Lecture 5: Portrait of a Prophet

Tear Up the Heavens

  • “In every generation God raises up apostolic voices to penetrate the thick darkness that’s blanketed society. Pastor Alan DiDio is one of those apostolic voices that’s coming to the forefront in this strategic season. Encounter is a book I highly recommend and it should be in every believer’s personal library. It will prepare you for what’s ahead!”

    – Brian Taylor (Revival Historian)
  • “Alan has a way of taking the very complex subject of prayer and making it not only understandable, but also desirable and easily applied in your life. This is a must-read for anyone who takes their faith seriously!”

    – Doug Garasic (Founder of Rust City Church, author of Notorious)
  • “This work is much needed by the church today. It is a call to repentance from ‘lazy Pentecostalism’ and secular accommodations into the crucified life of a real Christian. It is a call to holiness and prayer that will result in the revival of the church that the Lord has prepared for us. This work is both prophetic in its corrections, and encouraging with its examples. Pastor DiDio shows us the paths we must take through clear writing and examples from both the Bible and heroes of faith, such as Charles Finney, Andrew Murray, and others.”

    – Dr. William DeArteaga (Christian historian and author of Quenching the Spirit: Discover the Real Spirit behind the Charismatic Controversy)
  • “In Encounter, Pastor Alan DiDio not only asks penetrating questions, but also provides the necessary solutions—based on biblical truth and time-tested principles—that have brought success to saints throughout the ages. I encourage you to engross yourself in these pages, so that when God asks you, as He did Gideon, “Have I not sent you?” you will be able to answer with a resounding “Yes!”

    –  Senior Elder Bill Canfield (World Harvest Church)

About The Book

 Maybe you feel like Gideon did before he encountered God in a supernatural way. Gideon, like so many of us, had settled into a life of just getting by, of survival. And yet God had so much more for him – a life of adventure, significance, purpose, and impact. A life where the supernatural presence of God was to be expected and experienced. 

This can be your experience too! This book will give you a path to a walk with God that is beyond what you have ever experienced before. This book is your key to more fire…more faith…more blessing…more of God! 

About The Author

 Alan DiDio was an avowed atheist – that is until he had a transforming, radical encounter with the living God at age seventeen. 

After giving his life to Christ, Pastor Alan attended a Christian college and began working with an international ministry, where he gained experience in every possible area of ministry from running a prayer center to traveling across the country spreading the Gospel. 

During his time at the international prayer center, Alan prayed one-on-one, with more than 100,000 people. This rare experience ignited a unique passion for prayer and revival that led him to found Encounter Christ Church in his home town in North Carolina. In addition to pastoring the church, Alan travels the globe, training believers how to pray and igniting the fire of God in the hearts of humanity.