Are You Ready to Experience More
of God’s Presence & Power?

Over time Christians often become complacent in their walk and witness. Sound familiar? You know the right answers. There's no blatant sin holding you back. And yet, inside your soul there is a stirring—a hunger for more.

If this is where you find yourself, congratulations. This is just the book you need. Maybe you feel like Gideon did before he encountered God in a supernatural way. Gideon, like so many of us, had settled into a life of just getting by, of survival. And yet God had so much more for him—a life of adventure, significance, purpose, and impact. A life where the supernatural presence of God was to be expected and experienced.

This can be your experience too! This book will give you a path to a walk with God that is beyond what you have ever experienced before. This book is your key to more fire…more faith… more blessing… more of God!