Worship is the landing pad for God’s presence and it’s time to equip the priests of this new covenant to carry the “Ark” of God’s presence outside the four walls and into the streets.


Chris Burns is a worship leader, preacher, and revivalist. He is marked with the call to see the presence of God invade people’s lives, people’s homes, and entire cities.

The heart of, “The Sound of Revival Worship Conference” is to empower people to discover their unique God-given sound and songs; that in doing so, people will be released into their calling as worshippers who carry and release the presence of God through their art to the world. If you’re a church musician, singer or leader be sure to register yourself and your church group for this dynamic worship intensive!


Friday – 7:00PM  The Sound of Revival Service (Open to Everyone)

Saturday  *Registration Required for 10am & 12 pm events

10:00 A.M. The Sound Worship & Music Intensive Equipping Musicians and Singers to Carry the Ark of God’s Presence

12:00 P.M. Catered Lunch Q&A For Musicians, Singers and Leaders

Saturday – 7:00PM  The Sound of Revival Service (Open to Everyone)

Registration for one person is $25.00 and a group of any size is only $75.00.

*Registrants will receive ministry materials & a catered meal.

Register for Day Sessions online or at the door