Met Office Received $200,000 from Geoengineering Climate NGO

Met Office Received $200,000 - Encounter Today - Blog

When I sent a comprehensive FOI request last month to various governmental departments about geoengineering projects in the United Kingdom, I wasn’t expecting a response filled with much information. Now, the Met Office Britain’s weather forecaster, has recently revealed funding from the last 5 years (financial year of 2019-2024) for geoengineering projects in the United Kingdom. They received £152,046 from the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme, funded by various UK government departments. Additionally, they received $200,000 USD from the SilverLining Safe Climate Research Initiative.

But who exactly is SilverLining? At first glance, it might seem like just another climate-focused organisation. However, it appears that this seemingly modest NGO holds significant power, wealth, and influence.

For instance, SilverLining recently announced $20.5 million in funding to advance its Governance and Equity Initiatives on Near-Term Climate Risk and Climate Intervention. Moreover, they have ties to the wealthy Pritzker family, who contribute to the NGO through the Pritzker Innovation Fund. This family, ranked 6th by Forbes among the wealthiest in the US, is a substantial donor.

SilverLining’s influence extends to Congress, where they have a mandated research plan and a research governance framework related to solar radiation management. This framework includes scenarios for solar radiation modification, international cooperation, and frameworks for physical aspects of solar radiation modification. Congress even provided visual representations of solar radiation management methods, such as space-based methods and marine cloud reflectivity enhancement.

Furthermore, SilverLining has published a report for the United Nations Environment Program titled “An Independent Expert Review on Solar Radiation Modification Research and Deployment.” This underscores the NGO’s involvement in shaping global discussions on solar radiation management.

After further investigation, Silver lining has a Young Global Leaders Initiative under their tab “equity”. The executive director Kelly Wanser, wrote an article published on her Linkedin back in March 2021 titled, “What Bill Gates Has to Say About Climate Intervention In His New Book: “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster” – to which she says…

“We are grateful for Gates’ support of our field, and we need more individuals, organisations, and governments who are concerned about our escalating climate emergency to support and invest in our field of study. Research is the key to solving the issues of feasibility, impact, and governance that currently exist in our field, and no group can achieve that research without the investment and support required to make it possible.

We at SilverLining hope that Bill Gates’ recognition of our critical work encourages others, regardless of background or prior knowledge of climate intervention, to do more of their own research to better understand the potential of climate intervention to ensure a safe climate.”

She also co-authored an article on the World Economic Forum’s website titled, “Can we geoengineer our way out of climate change?” – Published Nov 1, 2017 – To which it reads…

“During the agricultural, industrial and digital revolutions of the past 150 years, we have arguably been accidentally engineering the Earth’s system. We lit the planet where it was dark. We transplanted species, paved forests, emitted carbon, moved rivers and changed the Earth’s chemistry. Could we now apply the advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to protect the natural systems we rely on?”

One of the standout quotes from SilverLining’s executive director, Kelly Wanser, is worth highlighting: “Climate change is upon us, evidenced by the devastating impact of recent extreme weather events. Our Safe Climate Research Initiative is dedicated to exploring promising avenues for rapidly reducing global warming to safeguard both human populations and natural ecosystems. However, it’s critical to acknowledge that we currently lack sufficient information to determine the viability or safety of these climate interventions.”

SilverLining openly admits the uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness and safety of these interventions.

Watch my full report on this ongoing investigation below.


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