Solar Eclipse, A Prophetic Message?

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For those skeptical about celestial signs, you better pay attention and continue reading because this upcoming eclipse has tie-in with the Bible which adds weight to the belief that this eclipse isn’t just a regular occurrence but a divine message.

On April 8th, the moon will completely block out the sun as it passes over towns and cities all across the United States.

God created the moon, sun and stars even though he didn’t need light as many think the material creation was made for. Light already existed upon creation of the sun, moon and stars, so what was the point of having the created, material elements?

To serve as signs in the heavens.

Commenting on the celestial event, Alan DiDio, founder of Encounter Today and author of “Summoning the Demon: AI, Aliens, and the AntiChrist” stated:

“In order for us to understand what God is saying through this eclipse, we must look back to the eclipse that took place seven years ago. Why? Because it was the first eclipse to take place since 1776 – the founding of America.”

In correlation with the date of the eclipse to take place on April 8, 2024 is Exodus 4:8 which says, “Then the Lord said, “If they do not believe you or pay attention to the first sign, they may believe the second.”

What a message!

The Great American Eclipse will start the clock on another seven year cycle which comes seven years after the last eclipse.

The eclipse which took place in 2017, crossed over seven cities with the name of Salem. It entered through Salem, Oregon and exited through Fort Sumter where the beginning of the Civil War began.

The next eclipse to come on April 8th, will happen during Passover and will enter through Eagle’s Pass, Texas and will exit through the Northeast.

Based upon the trajectory of the eclipse that happened seven years ago and the eclipse that is to come, it will form a perfect “X” over the United States.

“X” in Hebrew is God’s signature and fascinatingly, where the lines intersect is over a place called “Little Egypt” with a perfect intersection occurring directly over a street called Salem.

“Salem” in the Hebrew means a “peace” that is “perfect” and we know that Jesus is the Perfect son of God who is our Prince of Peace. Coincidence? Nothing is.

It would appear as though even unbelievers are taking stalk of the immense event to take place by making somewhat strange preparations.

National Guard:

In Oklahoma as in other states, the National Guard has already announced its deployment to support local agencies and residents, with the state falling in the path of totality where the moon will block out the sun.


On Wednesday, March 27, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced that no size/weight-permitted travel would be allowed on the day of the eclipse – Monday, April 8 – from midnight to midnight. The upcoming celestial event will be the first total solar eclipse to pass over Texas since 1878. According to projections from TxDOT, up to 1 million people are expected to “travel to, through and within Texas” to get a glimpse of totality.

School Closures:

Hundreds of schools are closing for the eclipse all across the United States while governments have been encouraging residents to work from home that day. ArDOT has also requested that carriers take a voluntary “truck holiday” and park their vehicles for the day, claiming “severe congestion” along the state’s highway system could make traveling “mostly unproductive for freight vehicles.”

CERN Rebooting:

As the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) prepares to unleash the power of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on April 8, many are calling this a dual historic moment.

According to the organization, CERN is “The first ever creation of atoms of antimatter at CERN has opened the door to the systematic exploration of the antiworld.”

Many of the world’s so-called “elite” have celebrated CERN even though its goal is to achieve seemingly demonic capabilities produced by the collision of particles to create dark matter, anti-matter, and it looks like they are storing or trying to store antimatter at CERN. The dangerous machine was supposedly built for the purpose of understanding how the universe was created with some speculating that they are trying to open portals to other dimensions.

Yea, just a little eerie.

At the underground LHC, close to the French-Swiss border, scientists will be able to tackle the enigmatic dark matter phenomenon. Dark matter makes up an astounding 28% of the universe but is difficult to detect directly.


No matter what others may try to do to co-opt this celestial event, the skies are the Lord’s and we know that based upon Luke 21 that God does indeed speak through the sun, moon and stars.

Pastor Troy Brewer stated this about the solar eclipse:

“This is the word of the Lord. You know, Jesus Christ made all of these things, and God Almighty rules from His throne over the heavens and over the Earth, and Jesus Himself actually said there will be signs in the the Sun and in the moon and within the stars. And so…it is a tremendous sign.”

This solar eclipse comes to us as a prophetic declaration that spells out for humanity a message. This year, we must lean into the power of God and the hope of His son Jesus Christ, regardless of what comes our way. We must fix our eyes upon Jesus (and wear protective eye gear on April 8th!)

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  • Yes.. Indeed.. God IS speaking to us through dreams, visions & through the prophetic signs.. Let’s pause to hear.. & also humbly ask him to grant us deeper revelations just as He did to His Joseph & Daniel.
    He’s a Living God..Ask ….He says.. And it’ll be given.. Amen!!

  • Sharon Goguen
    April 5, 2024 4:07 pm

    I so believe that we are living in the end times but I also believe that GOD is using Christians to sound the warning. People who aren’t living for GOD aren’t looking for signs. We GODS people have to show love and forgiveness because GOD IS LOVE


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