TikTok Bill Is NOT About China!

TikTok Bill Is NOT About China! - Encounter Today - Blog

A Congressional bill to ban TikTok called H.R. 7521 is being painted as an essential means of protecting Americans from Chinese influence, but that’s not really what this bill is all about.

In actuality, the bill is incredibly deceptive.

The legislation under consideration would give ByteDance, the China-based firm that owns TikTok, six months to divest its ownership of the platform or risk having the app banned in the United States.

This bill contains language that would permit the U.S. government to ban any app, website, or “augmented or immersive technology application” based upon what the government would get to determine as being “directly or indirectly” operated by a foreign adversary.

What does the government define as a “foreign adversary controlled?”

It would be distinguished as a “covered company” (including a website, app, etc.) which is operated by those who are “domiciled in, is headquartered in, has its principal place of business in, or is organized under the laws of a foreign adversary country” (g)(2)(A).

If this bill passes, powers would be granted to the government to prohibit “foreign adversary controlled applications” from being distributed, maintained, or updated in the U.S.

And the bill only gets worse from there…

Disturbingly, the president would also have the authority to determine when to prosecute companies if they fall into the “foreign adversary controlled” category.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running as an Independent in the Presidential race, pointed out an only too relevant section of the bill:

The Biden administration is backing this bill because they say the Chinese government harvesting user data is a national security issue, but let’s be honest, this isn’t really about China mining our data, if politicians were concerned about data mining, they’d ban all social media platforms, but do they? No, they don’t.

Going after TikTok is strategic. The American population has been groomed to despise China that’s why so many were initially on board with this policy when it was first being proposed.

Going after TikTok is strategic. The American population has been groomed to despise China that’s why so many were initially on board with this policy when it was first being proposed.

If this TikTok bill were really about China, those in D.C. would have passed this bill back in 2019. But did they? No, they didn’t. If our government was really concerned about China, they wouldn’t allow major corporations to move to China. They also wouldn’t allow a President to sit in office who is owned by China.

People are missing the point!

The government wants the power to control what apps we have access to in order to go after other platforms in the future.

Tiktok is just the strawman.

The bill is now being passed on to the Senate which hasn’t signalled much support for it but also hasn’t signalled absolute opposition to passing it either.

If this bill is passed in the Senate, the first app on the chopping block would be TikTok, but then other platforms would surely face a similar fate. Would X be next? Or maybe Rumble or Truth Social? Surely the list of targets would only continue to grow from there.

If ByteDance is forced to sell TikTok, Rumble has already placed an offer. It even went so far as to launch a new cloud computing service within the U.S. which has the potential to serve as the new home for TikTok’s data.

We need less government interference not more. Don’t be caught up in the “China bad” narrative around this bill because it’s not about Chinese influence, it’s about increasing government control and forcing everyone onto platforms owned by leftists in order for them to control the flow of information.

Remember how the World Economic Forum (WEF) Summit this year had a theme on “restoring trust”? Mhmm, and how were they going to try to restore the trust that both they lost, as well as trust populations lost in their governments?

By going after social media companies and targeting mis and dis information.

Well folks, here we are. We’re not saying this bill is one stemming from the WEF nor inspired by it but it most certainly falls in line with its agenda.

Be cautious is voicing support for bills that merely sound nice but you haven’t read. We must be wise in these times and not fall for tricks those in political offices seek to play on us.

Thank you for your support.

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