Using ‘Woman’ Is Problematic” – Trudeau Appointed Justice

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According to Justice Sheilah Martin of Canada’s Supreme Court who was appointed by radical leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a lower court ruling which referred to a survivor of sexual assault as a “woman” is “problematic.”

Justice Matin stated:

“While the choice of the trial judge to use the words ‘a woman’ may have been unfortunate and engendered confusion…”

“In other words, the judge’s conclusion was grounded in his assessment of the complainant’s testimony. The Court of Appeal erred in finding otherwise.”

So instead of using the biologically sound and universally distinguishing term of “woman”, the Justice suggested that the trial judge of the lower court use “person with a vag*na” as this was somehow more appropriate.

How many stories like this need to be printed for people to realize just how insane the worldviews of those in high places of authority are!

The case being reviewed was of a 2017 Court of Appeal decision on a sexual assault case in British Columbia.

Justice Martin also wrote how the trial judge’s use of “a woman” was “unfortunate and engendered confusion” even though the survivor involved didn’t even identify as “transgender!”

But you know what is confusing? This Justice! We can almost guarantee that she can’t even answer the question “what is a woman?” But that’s besides the point.

Even though the highest court in Canada went after the trial judge involved in the 2017 case f or not using the proper degree of woke language, it was determined that the lower court judge ruled justly.

Justice Martin stated:

“[T]he judge’s conclusion was grounded in his assessment of the complainant’s testimony,” she wrote. “The Court of Appeal erred in finding otherwise.”

Justice Martin has occupied her seat in the Supreme Court since 2017.

“I have dedicated much of my life to various forms and types of education: often on equality and diversity, but also spanning many diverse subject areas,” Justice Martin stated to Canada’s government (taxpayer) funded media outlet, the CBC.


This Justice’s ruling and comments are a major slap in the face to women whilst being equally degrading and dehumanizing.

Truly, in what sort of deranged universe do such talking points come from?! Straight from the pit of hell, that’s where.

God made the distinction between male and female both obviously and intentionally.

There is an intense caution God gives in His Word found in Isaiah 5:20 which says;

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

The ways of the wicked are nonsensical to the righteous but they are easily recognizable. The degrading of God’s most precious creation, humanity, those He made in His likeness and in His image, hurts His heart and should compel us to take a stand against this form evil.

We can never allow such a perversion of language to become normal to us, nor stay silent about it! If the church remains silent about such things, who will stand and speak! The body of Christ is the resistance in this end time hour, so recognize your authority and be bold!

We aren’t to cower in holding politicians to account when they do wrong.

We aren’t to remain silent when the media tries to force their ideals down our throats.

We aren’t to turn a blind eye when those in the highest Courts of the land seek to degrade humanity. No!

We, the church, are given opportunities time and time again to shine brightly and defend that which is sacred in culture.

These are not ordinary times we live in. Look at our world, nothing is “normal” about it. Oh how easy it is in these times to be exceptionally different from the world around us.

When we see the degradation of God’s creation in this way or in any way for that matter, speak up and stand up, bring the Biblical perspective to the forefront. You’d be surprised just how many people need to know not everyone has lost their minds and see that it is followers of Christ leading the charge back to common sense.

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