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This week, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) had a press briefing with journalists who agreed to a rather restrictive embargo.

DoD claims it conducted a ‘thorough’ investigation into allegations of illegal activities concerning Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) which has, conveniently, cleared the intelligence community of any wrongdoing or cover-ups which includes any use of reverse engineering of alien technology.

Investigations found no evidence of aliens, alien technology or secret government-run reverse engineering programs – at least, that’s what they want us to believe.

According to a Pentagon report:

“The aggregate findings of all USG investigations to date have not found even one case of UAP representing off-world technology” and “authentic sensitive national security programs” were “mistaken” with UFO programs.

The report also states:

“AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) has no evidence for the USG reverse-engineering narrative provided by interviewees and has been able to disprove the majority of the interviewees’ claims,” although “some claims are still under evaluation.”

Investigative journalist Jermey Corbell, spoke with Fox News Digital saying:

“If the U.S. won’t fess up, other nations will. The reason AARO was formed in the first place was because of the mishandling of the UFO problem by our government agencies in the past. It was instated to address the UFO reality, the cover-up, as a defense against the dangerous and real possibility of strategic surprise.

The historical review is an attempt to rewrite history and obscure the basic fundamental facts about the UFO phenomenon.”

According to the Editor and Chief of the Liberation Times, Chris Sharp, who has been a critic of the government’s AARO program stated:

“In an alternate universe where the CIA was asked to investigate itself following allegations relating to the MKULTRA program, history may have played out differently.”

Sharp also pointed out an interesting fact on how the “….new AARO director Tim Philips was not challenged on the report or why UAP videos are still classified and pilots barred from talking.”

According to Sharp:

“Highly cleared whistleblowers with nothing to gain have sacrificed their careers to expose illegal programs which involve retrieval and reverse engineering of non-human materials and biologics.

Allegations from former senior intelligence official David Grusch were deemed credible and urgent by the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General (ICIG).

Despite the DoD’s questionable track record and the credibility of the allegations and witness accounts, mainstream journalists threw whistleblowers and witnesses under the bus.

Instead, journalists blindly followed the DoD’s narrative.”

Supposedly, a “vast majority” of reported UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) are “the result of misidentification,” according to the 63 page report.

In 2021, an Intelligence Community Control Access program was expanded “without sufficient justification.” The program was apparently meant to protect UAP reverse-engineering but it was found that no extraterrestrial craft was obtained through this program and was swiftly “disestablished.”

“What we found was that claims of hidden programs are largely the result of circular reporting by a small group repeating what they heard from others and that many people have sincerely misinterpreted real events for mistaken sensitive U.S. programs as UAP or being extra-terrestrial exploitation,” said DOD’s spokesperson, Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder.

These statements go against what was testified to back in 2023 by three military veterans who participated in a Congressional hearing on UPA.

One of the veterans, a former Air Force intelligence officer, claimed the U.S. government has operated a secret “multi-decade” reverse engineering program of recovered vessels, as well as stating that the U.S. has recovered non-human “biologics” from alleged crash sites.

Amongst several issues discussed throughout the report, Americans’ distrust of their government over the secrecy related to military programs and growing interest in UFOs was also addressed.

On this issue, we wanted to provide some perspective (which the mainstream media may never give you) – consider how this could be the intended result of our government as they:

A. work with the media and it is most probable that this is why we have seen an increase in their output of UAP (or UFO) information and

B. they could be using this issue to manipulate the public into believing that there is a serious threat posed by “extraterrestrial life” by withholding information from the public.

Also, can anyone blame the American people for having a high level of skepticism of their government or the DOD who:

  1. Misled Congress about U.S. bases in Africa.
  2. Misled the American public and allies over the case for the Iraqi invasion.
  3. Misled Congress on the topic of military sex assaults.
  4. Failed six audits in a row!

It truly is astounding how the government and those in the media who uphold their narratives want us to believe the results of investigations into their own actions. Just as many “investigations” have proven to be self-serving in the past, so why should we be led to believe this report today?

Not everyone in Washington believed what was presented to them, however. One such individual, Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee who has consistently brought forward the issue of UAP’s, is skeptical of the report:

Previous to the report’s release, Representative Burchett spoke of technology he’s seen that people “can’t handle.”

Explaining further in an interview on the Event Horizon podcast, he said:

“If they’re out there, they’re out there, and if they have this kind of technology, then they could turn us into a charcoal briquette.”

This isn’t the end of the story. There is much more to unfold in the days ahead.

Whilst many are confused by the entire subject of extraterrestrial beings, we seek to bring you clarity on the subject.

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