France To Legalize Euthanasia?

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FRANCE: President Emmanuel Macron announced new legislation to legalize “aid in dying” which is really just a politically correct way of saying euthanasia.

This legislative move follows last year’s report indicating that most French citizens support legalizing options including euthanasia.

The bill restricts access to lethal medication to adults with an incurable illness facing a foreseeable death, as well as those who are living with “intractable” physiological pain, but just like all countries who open the door to euthanasia, it only goes downhill from there.

The so-called “safeguards” established for individuals are:

  1. Those aged 18 or above who are capable of forming their own views will be allowed to get in the process.
  2. Those with severe psychiatric conditions and neurodegenerative disorders won’t be eligible.
  3. Those suffering from an incurable illness who are expected to die in the “short or mid-term” will have access.
  4. Those seeking to enter the process have to reconfirm their choice after 48 hours, then the individual will receive an answer from a medical team within two weeks maximum. This means a doctor will then deliver a prescription, valid for three months, for the lethal medication.
  5. Those who are suffering “intractable” physical or psychological pain will have access.

The law will provide “a possible path, in a determined situation, with precise criteria, where the medical decision is playing its role,” said President Macron in giving an example of those with terminal cancer who have traveled to other countries to have their lives ended.

If a patient’s health doesn’t permit them to take the lethal pills alone at home, they will be able to choose someone to help them or have them administered by a doctor or a nurse.

Macron says the language “aid in dying” will be used in place of euthanasia or assisted suicide “because it’s simple and humane.”

Medically assisted suicide involves patients taking, of their own free will, a lethal drink or medication that has been prescribed by a doctor to those who meet certain criteria. Euthanasia involves doctors or other health practitioners giving patients who meet certain criteria a lethal injection at their own request.

So just based upon reading the stipulations and provisions for the administration of this bill, this is both a euthanasia AND assisted suicide bill. How brutal.

Macron set no date for the legislation to be applied, saying it will first need to follow a monthslong legislative process that will start in May.

A 2016 French law provides that doctors can keep terminally ill patients sedated before death but stops short of allowing assisted suicide and euthanasia.


The part of this story that really got to us wasn’t the actual proposal of this legislation as several other countries have been implementing such legislation. Though it is brutally inhumane and devastating, we aren’t surprised (it is the end times after all and we have been told time and time again in God’s Word that “the love of many will grow cold”).

The part that stood out the most is when President Macron came out and blatantly stated the reason why he, and those in government, would be addressing this inhumane act of assisting others in their deaths as “humane.”

It’s as if Macron and company are trying to whitewash this evil act and soothe the public psych by shifting the language used around it.

No amount of wishy washy terminology or softer language blots out the stain of sin or can justify a conscience that’s been seared.

This part of the story is highly significant – Macron understands the power of the tongue and the use of language. As believers, we know that “life and death is in the power of the tongue.”

We also know that we are called to “hold back those staggering toward slaughter,” if that description doesn’t fit those staggering towards assisted suicide or euthanasia, we don’t know what will.

Legislation is incredibly important. It is the mandate of the believer to be involved in the governmental sphere to serve as a buffer, to uphold righteousness and to establish justice on earth. What better means do we have than through the governmental sphere?!

The current French administration is clearly working to establish wicked policies in the nation and know that “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

For the sake of the prosperity of a nation, we must engage with the political system so we can prevent such wickedness from being established here in America!

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