France Makes Abortion “Constitutional Right”

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In an attempt to prevent France from establishing protections for the preborn from the brutality of abortion as happened in the United States after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, France’s government voted to enshrine the supposed “right” to abortion into its Constitution making it the first nation in the world to do so.

This is by no means an accomplishment.

Shockingly, we found that this constitutional update doesn’t change a thing in France which leads us to the conclusion that, in a world where we know everything is indeed spiritual, that this symbolic decision is meant to serve as an international symbol, France’s “line in the sand” per se, in defiance of nations globally moving more and more conservative, and therefore, legislating for the protection of the preborn.

French Members of Parliament and Senators overwhelmingly backed the move, by 780 votes against 72, in a special joint vote of the two houses of parliament.

The decision was, unsurprisingly, welcomed with open arms by the pro-death lobby in France for its historical impact on this point in the nation’s history.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal spoke to those gathered at Versailles, “We’re sending a message to all women: your body belongs to you and no one can decide for you.”

How disgraceful!

At present, the country’s law stipulates a woman can have an abortion until 14 weeks into the pregnancy, with abortion permitted later on in pregnancy, (including up to birth) if two physicians agree that it is best for the mental and physical health, in addition to other stipulations.

Head of the lower house of Parliament, Yael Braun-Pivet, said she was “proud of this congress, which will say that the right to get an abortion will now be part of our basic law.”

French President Emmanuel Macron, also endorsed the Bill, writing on X following the vote, “French pride. Universal message” whilst calling the for the nation to “celebrate together the entry into the constitution of a new liberty” ahead of the enactment of the constitutional change on International Women’s Day, this coming Friday.

In further celebration of their love of death and evil, activists cheered on as the iconic Eiffel Tower was lit up with the message “MyBodyMyChoice.”

“Abortion is neither a freedom, a right, nor a success”: French lawmakers’ vote to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right has sparked reaction, with the move criticized by pro-life campaigners and France’s Former Secretary of State for Culture.

“Macron dares to speak of French pride … It is infamy. The homicide of innocent people is now part of the Republic’s pediment. French sadness.”

Jean Sévillia, a conservative French journalist, condemned the vote, sharing an image of an unborn child on X:

Embarrassingly for France’s so-called “conservative” opposition leader, Marine Le Pen, she came out in full support of protecting access to abortion, saying she had “no problem” with the vote. “We will vote to include it in the constitution because we have no problem with that,” she said. However, she went on to say of the law, “It was an exaggeration to call it an historic step because no one is putting the right to abortion at risk in France.”

France’s national pro life march, Marche Pour La Vie, maintained a presence in Versailles on Monday, protesting the change. Pro-life supporters wore red as a colour of resistance, along with a black scarf as a color of mourning – while participants carried a white rose.

“Once again, you have shown France that abortion does not do unanimity,” the organization said in the statement, telling supporters: “You are the light in the darkness, hope in despair, truth in a lie, but most of all, love in hate. Because in the face of horror, we are the resistance, let’s not give up.”

Let us be clear, there is NO right to abortion, even on an international level, no such “right” exists!

Do you want to know what France may actually be seeking to accomplish through this act of symbolism? Seeing as no such “right to abortion” yet exists, their passing this addition into their Constitution will most likely be used as a referral by other countries to try and A. accomplish the same and to B. try and establish on the intentional level that there is a “right to abortion” that needs to be enshrined in international agreements. This is indeed a possibility.

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