Democrat Senator Withdraws Support for LGBT Center

Democrat Senator Withdraws Support for LGBT Center - Encounter Today - Blog

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has rescinded his support for the use of taxpayer funds for an LGBTQ center in Philadelphia which hosts sex parties after Libs of TikTok Exposé.

Libs of TikTok is a widely popular profile on X for exposing policies, practices and materials being used in our schools that are anti-family.

On March 5, Libs of TikTok posted that the Senate Appropriations Committee released a spending bill that will be voted on today which includes a million dollar allocation for the renovation of an LGBTQ Center which boasts rooms to try BDSM, hosts perverted parties, amongst other forms of degeneracy too explicit for us to type here.

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Two Senators requested the funding for the center: Senator Bob Casey and Senator John Fetterman.

We read through this organization’s website, as well as through some of the past events they’ve hosted, in order to find out what this $1 million in taxpayer funds would go towards, and oh boy, did it make our skin crawl.

In our research, we found that this group hosted an event two months ago called “Regeneration: A Global Eco Drag Show,” as well as hosting drag shows featuring children as young as 11 who perform provocative numbers according to a local pro-LGBT outlet.

“According to his mother, Dre, he has been sneaking her heels into his bedroom since he was much younger,” the outlet reported. “Dre is a drag performer herself, having produced another drag show by the name of ‘Fierce’ – the only queer burlesque festival in the world. She also produced the first non–gender binary talent show for kids, ‘Twinkle.’”

“Feather fans begin to cover a table. Dozens of curling irons, combs, make–up mirrors and brushes emerge on another, along with make–up and glitter in every color, and a Hello Kitty box. A bearded man in studded leather platform boots approaches and begins to apply make–up to the face of a little boy,” the outlet reported.

Heartbreakingly, the child being discussed is named Esai and was 11 years old at the time when forced into the role of a “drag performer” at the event which took place at the LGBT Center. Esai’s mother, unsurprisingly, is a drag performer and producer of drag shows for kids.

The article also discussed two other children aged eight and 12 who were also involved in the drag show and had “their own drag personas.”

The LGBT center also supports the Young Communist League of Philadelphia.

The Young Communist League of Philadelphia pushes for socialism and, according to its website, is “dedicated to the revolutionary cause of the working class of our country and the transformation of the United States through mass democratic struggle into a socialist society.”

Just last year, the LGBT Center was allocated $2 million in taxpayer funds by Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney’s City FY 2024 operating budget. These funds would “go toward expanding and improving spaces for the center’s 1315 Spruce Street headquarters.”

The outlet reported that “In addition to the $2 million allocation, several politicians in Pennsylvania also voiced their support for additional funding … Congressman Brendan Boyle, Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. John Fetterman all recommended the center for Federal Community Project Funding from the Appropriations Committee.”

Senator Bob Casey told the outlet, “For nearly half a century, the William Way Community Center has connected Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community to resources ranging from nutrition to housing to mental health and more … I am advocating for federal funding for the Center so it can grow and continue to provide lifesaving services to the community.”

And this brings us all the way to today, where Senator John Fetterman has withdrawn his support for the funding allocation to the Center and only Senator Casey’s name remains in support.

Since 2007, Senator Casey has represented Pennsylvania and is up for re-election this year.

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