Satanic Statue Ceremony Thwarted by Pro-life Protest

Satanic Ceremony Thwarted by Pro-life Protest - Encounter Today - Blog

The University of Houston (UH), Texas is promoting a pro-abortion statue on its campus.

The creator of the 18-foot golden statue, Shahzia Sikander, which she called “Witness.” UH scheduled an opening ceremony this week for the statue, which features two thick braids resembling golden ram horns, or “a crown of female potency.”

When it was first debuted in Madison Square Park, the sculpture’s description noted that “in the Abrahamic faiths the horned beast is associated with forces of evil, chaos, and destruction – the devil himself.”

Sikander said that the statue is designed to offer an “abstracted and amorphous notion of the female body that refuses to be fixed, grounded or stereotyped.” She also said that the statue is focused on the fight for abortion access following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Upon hearing of the sculpture having an opening ceremony on campus, pro-life organizations sought to stage “peaceful and prayerful” protests with Texas Right to Life spokesperson Kimberly Schwartz saying, “the piece celebrates satan’s deceit.” Joined with Texas Right to Life in protest were Students for Life of America, Coogs for Life and dozens of Texans.

And oh boy, did their protests pay off!

Bryan Luhn, a University of Houston spokesperson said, “the event for February 28 is postponed and we are in conversation with the artist to see if schedules allow for another opportunity for public conversation about the exhibition.”

Students for Life celebrated the fruits of their labor when the announcement came that the ceremony was canceled “It seems that those pushing a Satanic image don’t have the courage of their so-called convictions,” Kristi Hamrick, vice president of media and policy for Students for Life of America, “But pro-life students and staff will be showing up, fighting for hope and a future for all preborn children.”

Sikander has become well known for creating rather controversial pieces, and rightfully so. In addition to her “Witness” statue, she also created her most well-known piece called “NOW” which is an eight-foot sculpture emerging out of “the seat of a lotus” that was placed atop the Appellate Division, First Judicial Department, of the New York State Supreme Court.

In an interview with the New York Times, Sikander said she created “NOW” because a woman’s ability to have an abortion is now at risk after the fall of Roe v. Wade. Sikander called the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “a fierce woman and a form of resistance in a space that has historically been dominated by patriarchal representation… With Ginsburg’s death and the reversal of Roe, there was a setback to women’s constitutional progress.”

Symbols of the demonic and those depicting satan have been popping up across America, from university campuses to State Capitols, these symbols of evil are strategically being placed but when they are, they’re being met with opposition by Christians which is encouraging to see!

Americans, like those who took a stand against this symbols of evil on Houston’s University campus, aren’t willing to just sit quietly by and allow such ceremonies to go forward without making their opposition heard.

Prayer and action in defense of our Judeo-Christian heritage – this is the way America.

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