Michigan To Residents: Host Illegal Migrants

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BREAKING: Michigan State is asking residents to host illegal migrants in their homes to help alleviate pressures on the State to find housing.

The Office of Global Michigan announced a program for Michigan residents to “support refugee resettlement efforts.”

Residents who seek to assist those breaking the law by entering the United States illegally can apply to host an individual or family in their private home. Such individuals and/or families could have differing immigration statuses and be in America from Ukraine, Afghanistan or Venezuela just to name a few countries.

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Michigan Representative Joshua Schriver was defamed for tweeting that this new initiative by the State was a part of the Great Replacement “Theory” which is meant to replace Michiganders with immigrants.

Over the past couple years, the supposed “theory” of replacement has had a significant amount of time in the limelight. Though highly controversial to some, it is seen as reality to others. The theory (in this context) is this: one group is incrementally brought into a country or region, sets down roots and begins to replace those native to the land.

Alongside the intense influx of illegal migrants from nations like China and Syria at our southern border, our tax dollars going towards establishing illegal migrants in cities like NYC and now this, Americans being asked to house those breaking the law in their private homes – these instances, and many more, all contribute to the belief that this “theory” very well may be our present day reality.

In addition, this initiative by Michigan’s government falls perfectly in line with the Biden Administration’s announcement from the “Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection” announced in June of 2022 which outlines under the section called “A Shared Approach to Reduce and Manage Irregular Migration” that improvements would be made for illegal migrants to have access to “private services … to promote their full social and economic inclusion in host communities.”

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With nearly 38 million Americans living in poverty and over 50% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, the dereliction of duty of our governments can clearly be seen. It is not wrong nor evil for a government to prioritize the good of her citizens, in fact, that is their primary duty. Can we can care for others? Absolutely, but placing them higher in the hierarchy of care and concern – that is wrong and somebody needs to say it.


We have become a “tolerance” generation; tolerant of those breaking the law which produces chaos all the way to being tolerant of sin in our society which hurts individuals and our land, but nowhere in the Bible are believers called to be “tolerant” nor are we called to assist others in their sin.

We are called to follow Jesus’ example for He showed us what love looks like and it isn’t tolerance. He never “tolerated” the former prostitute Mary Magdalene or the rich young ruler. No, He presented them with THE TRUTH and there was a turning away from their sin.

Such policies as the one in Michigan which assists those actively breaking the law isn’t loving, compassionate or tolerant, it is wrong. God is a God of order not chaos. We must be the ones who uphold a standard in our nations and that includes upholding the law.

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