CDC To Use Indigenous Spirituality?

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A proposal has been made to several government departments within the Health and Human Services (HHS) to start integrating “indigenous knowledge” into their scientific research. Assumedly, such “knowledge” would include spiritual practices.

The most well known government departments involved are the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a couple others.

The tribal superstition put forward was found in a proposed revision of the HHS’s scientific integrity guidelines first obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. If the proposal is adopted, all of the self-proclaimed science-centric agencies will be required to employ “multiple forms of evidence, such as Indigenous Knowledge” in their analysis of data.

“Indigenous knowledge” posits that native peoples possess hidden wisdom about the workings of the universe and has been widely dismissed by experts as pseudoscience. The proposed guidelines point to other “non-traditional modes of science,” including “citizen science, community-engaged research, participatory science, and crowdsourcing.” Including these methods is part of the agency’s “support” for “equity, justice, and trust,” the document states.

What’s fascinating is how scientists will deny the very existence of God yet involve ancient pagan spiritual practices to “assist” them in their “scientific” efforts. Wow.

In an attempt to address injustices against Native tribes in America, Biden has encouraged several government departments to consult with “spiritual leaders” and “reject methodological dogma” since coming into office.

Tapping into pagan spirituality is nothing new for the Biden administration which instructed dozen’s of federal agencies to give folk “wisdom” the same value as scientific data in 2020 through the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Just imagine if a government leader gave the same instructions except they wanted the Bible utilized!

Canada has tried implementing similar “tribunal knowledge” over the last two decades but have been wildly unsuccessful.

The proposed guidelines are on track to be finalized this year.

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