Edmonton Implementing WEF ’15-minute city’ Policy

Edmonton Implementing WEF '15-minute city' Policy - Encounter Today - Blog

CONFIRMED: Edmonton’s city council is moving forward with its proposed 15-minute communities.

District plans are key in bringing The City Plan’s ‘Community of Communities’ vision to life by laying the foundation for 15-minute communities,” an email blast explained.

Edmonton City Plan - Encounter Today - Blog

The email also stated, “This vision is for new and current residents to enjoy more housing, recreation, education and employment opportunities in all of Edmonton’s districts and to have more travel options within and across districts.”

The District Planning Guide says building a “community of communities — small towns in our big city” is a multi-year project.

The city of Edmonton will be assessing feedback from residents which has been sent in from January through March and they will be advertising discussions on the policy so that there can be more “meaningful discussions” with the public. Approval for the policy is expected with an estimated implementation timeline of this fall.

Claims that the WEF’s 15 minute city agenda will make Edmonton more accommodating for all people are openly promoted by city planners.

15 Minute Agenda

The question is – what would a 15-minute city mean for residents? In a non dystopian world, they would help reduce time spent doing everyday commutes to 15 minutes whether that be on foot, by bike, or by public transport. The purported goal would be helping citizens to better meet basic needs such as accessing essential services like grocery stores, medical facilities, schools, etc. In Edmonton’s case, these 15-minute communities would be called “districts”.

Just as with many governmental projects that say they are meant for one thing, they turn out to be for the fulfillment of something completely different (think of the global lockdowns not really being meant for global health or America’s Patriot Act not really being meant for security but surveillance). As such, we are forced to look beyond the nice sounding talking points to see the other side of this policy.

The City of Edmonton website says, “The District Planning project is not about restricting movement, monitoring people or tracking an individual’s carbon emissions,” but that is exactly what they do.

15 minute cities are used to measure an individual’s carbon footprint, monitor their movements and enforce restrictions on movement. Literally everything Edmonton’s government website says this policy agenda isn’t meant to do. In order to enforce a 15 minute city, all the above qualifications are necessary.

Why else would sophisticated surveillance systems be required for 15 minute “districts”? London, Paris, Utrecht, and several other cities have been implementing the 15 minute agenda and are highly surveilled cities which charge their residents fees for traveling outside of certain districts.

And residents aren’t happy about the surveillance either.

In London, England, 350+ cameras (possibly up to 500+) meant to track and charge people traveling on London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) were either destroyed or stolen last year with tens of thousands of people refusing to pay for traveling through the zone.

Do we really believe that control isn’t a major contributing factor to this? If it weren’t, why else would people be acting out in such a state?

Well, just like those in London, Edmonton’s residents aren’t thrilled like their city’s planners are. One university student named Alexa Posa spoke to Rebel News Canada saying, “Our mayor, Amarjeet Sohi, would like Edmonton to become a 15-minute city, limiting our movement between districts, as they call it. They want us to spend 90% of our life in this 15-minute area so they can monitor our carbon footprint.”

Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, who once served in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet, believes in the 15 minute agenda and says restricting Edmontonians movement isn’t the intention of the districts.


In these last days, we will witness plans and agendas being implemented that will assist the anti-Christ when he comes onto the global stage. A major component necessary to his governance will be control whether that be over the media, over movement, or over what people are or are not allowed to consume, speak, or live.

Control is key.

And the 15 minute agenda is all about control through surveillance and that is what is deeply concerning about this agenda’s implementation globally. Once people are conditioned and/or forced to live in these areas for any amount of time, their concept of free movement and less government restriction isn’t just stifled but removed from their reality.

15-minute cities place unnatural limitations on humanity and strip us of God given rights.

The last days are filled with assaults on the rights and freedoms given to humanity by God. Don’t see this as coincidental. They are intentional as the global system of governance is being set up for the anti-christ. This also means the return of our Lord is nigh!

As the day fast approaches, remember to “stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

We encourage you to read the whole of Luke 21 as it will encourage you that our God has always known what is happening in this world and all that is to come and how He intentionally gave us instructions in the Bible for us to not only reflect on but for us to understand that we serve a God who is all knowing, a God who sees us and placed us on this earth at such as time as this for a great purpose and an amazing reason – to bring in the harvest of souls.

Thank you for your support.

If you appreciate the work we do to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, please consider giving a gift to help us continue this work. Maranatha!

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