Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Pledges First Allegiance To Somalia

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Pledges First-Allegiance To Somalia - Encounter Today - Blog

Somali-born Congresswoman Ilhan Omar faced intense backlash online when a video surfaced of a speech she gave stating her first allegiance is to Somalian interests and not to the country she is supposed to represent as a congresswoman from Minnesota.

Omar began her speech by questioning the ethnic Somali identity of the Somalilanders, which was a curious angle of attack considering she’s built her career on condemning nationalists.

She continued on saying that she is in Congress to represent Somali Americans’ interests and that the “US will do what we want and nothing else. They must follow our orders and that is how we will safeguard the interests of Somalia…The US is a country where one of your daughters is in Congress to represent your interest. For as long as I am in the US Congress, Somalia will never be in danger, its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others…Sleep in comfort knowing that I am here to protect the interests of Somalia from within the US system.”

Her statements were made regarding Somaliland and the unrecognized state’s deal with Ethiopia to lease part of its coastland to Ethiopia, a landlocked country, which Somalia claims infringes on its sovereign territory. The deal discussed is called a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Finding out what she can do to ensure that the U.S. Government prevents the MoU from becoming a reality is her mission, “My answer to Somalians was that the U.S. government will only do what Somalians in the US tell them to do!”

That statement alone is incredibly controversial seeing as it implies that this diaspora controls the regional policy of the world’s superpower which is incredibly hypocritical seeing as she berated Jews for this before.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) posted that Omar “…flaunts using her position as a congresswoman to protect Somalia’s border while our border is invaded by MILLIONS of illegals who are a danger to America.”

In response to the backlash, Omar responded to a researcher who wrote in a response to the video, “This interpretation is slanted,” claiming “she is representing the interests of Somalis in the United States, which is a legitimate task, as a Congresswoman in any democratic system. She says at the end that all the five territories will be liberated, but it appears rhetorical.”

The congresswoman added, “It’s not only slanted but completely off, but I wouldn’t expect more from these propagandists.”

But for all her playing the victim, Omar didn’t realize that yet another video clip would be unearthed of her during a 2022 trip to Somalia where she revealed her true political goal: To move back to Somalia after she is done using her political position to build up her home country. In her words, “To make that move possible, there is a lot we need to work on together to make OUR [Somalia] land more stable and prosperous.”

It is beyond absurd that a sitting congresswoman would seemingly leverage her role “within the US system” to “order” the world’s superpower to assist a militant Somali irredentism against Ethiopia and Kenya, which could plunge nearly 200 million people into war.

Many have called for the congresswomen to be expelled from Congress before she causes irreparable damage to America’s objective national interests in the region and who can blame them!

The US’ objective interests are served by getting Somalia to negotiate a “dignified divorce” with Somaliland instead of preparing for a repeat of 1977-1978 Ethio-Somali War which set the foundation for Somalia’s collapse a little more than a decade later.

Ilhan Omar is yet another warmonger in Congress who is leveraging her influence, not for America’s benefit, but for the sake of a nation she doesn’t live in.

Don’t believe those in the media who are running cover for Omar, her removal from Congress wouldn’t be for optics as so many moves in politics are, but it would be for the sake of preventing the exploitation of her position and the U.S. system.

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