EXPOSED: U.S. Orgs Receive Federal Funds Helping Illegal Migrants

EXPOSED- U.S. Orgs Receive Federal Funds Helping Illegal Migrants - Encounter Today - Blog

James O’Keefe of O’Keefe Media Group exposed footage on X of a “secret” facility used by a brand new 501c3 called ‘Alitas’ that is assisting illegal migrants.

O’Keefe posted on X, “@okeefemedia EXPOSES secret ‘Alitas’ facility at 1150 W. Drexel in Tucson as well as ‘Alitas Angels’ located at 112 Park street inside old Bank Building in Nogales”

“NOGALES — We just followed the trail of the migrant vans right to the source, visiting the Arizona border town of Nogales, where we encountered some rude and suspicious “Alita’s Angels” NGO (@alitasangels) workers who once again called the police on us.”

“A volunteer with the American Red Cross, who wouldn’t give us his name, tried to prevent us from filming outside a migrant facility and kept sticking his hand over our cameras. Then, when we questioned a volunteer with the NGO, she said “I am your father” and stormed off.”

The Red Cross receives taxpayer dollars from the FEMA budget and often works alongside them. But if the Red Cross and organizations like Alitas are a part of the illegal migration problem America is suffering from, why does the government continue allowing funds to flow in their direction?

Red Cross Controversy

Just last year it was revealed that the Red Cross was pouring money into the creation and printing of guides to assist illegal migrants outside the United States on how to travel most effectively to the southern border.

In an exclusive by The Daily Caller Foundation, the “guides included a map to the border, resources along the journey, and a paper on what to do when encountering the dangers along the journey.”

O’Keefe posted, “Nogales Police officers showed up and questioned us after Alitas and Red Cross workers falsely accused us of using racial slurs and inhibiting their movement. We tried to get the officer’s first name but he refused to give it. When we FOIAed the bodycam footage, we were told Nogales police don’t use them.”

“A group called “Alita’s Angels” runs the facility, but they’re a brand-new nonprofit with no tax records on file. (We requested the documents, with no luck.) A WORKER with Casa Alitas CONFIRMED TO OUR UNDERCOVER journalist that Casa Alitas was getting federal money.”

“Once the migrants were boarded on the bus, we got a head start to meet them at a processing facility an hour away in Tucson, but once again, we couldn’t get anywhere near the building. The staff of the facility, run by Casa Alitas, threatened to call the cops again, but we managed to interview a local driver who does business at the facility and he gave us even more information.”

“These “Alitas” ( groups are part of a shadowy network of secretive nonprofits funding the mass migration of millions of people into the country, without truly vetting asylum seekers’ claims and determining if they are eligible for refugee status.”

Elon Musk X Post - Encounter Today - Blog

Elon Musk joined the conversation saying, “The Red Cross is supporting illegal immigration?”

Adding a whole new element of controversy to the conversation, he posted, “I was told that not only is the Red Cross facilitating illegal immigration, they are being paid to do so by the Federal government, specifically the Dept of Homeland Security out of the FEMA budget!”

If true, this is HUGE.

This would mean the U.S. government under the Biden Administration is assisting in the invasion of the nation.

As James O’Keefe posted on X “This is a DEVELOPING STORY: Stay tuned for more reporting from the Mexican border.”

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