UN Funded Teachers Celebrate Terrorist Attack On Israel

U.N Funded Teachers Celebrate Terrorist Attack On Israel - Encounter Today - Blog

BREAKING: UN Watch has exposed a Telegram group of roughly 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza who celebrated the terrorist attacks and acts of war Hamas committed on October 7th. They also praised the terrorists calling them “heroes” and shared pictures of Israelis who had been murdered and captured whilst encouraging the execution of hostages.

Once the October 7th attack against Israel began, UNRWA teachers in the Telegram group began praising the “education” the terrorists had received.
“This is the motherlode of UNRWA teachers’ incitement to Jihadi terrorism,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, an NGO based out of Geneva which monitors the United Nations.

(UNRWA is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees)

According to UN Watch, the Telegram group “serves as a support for UNRWA teachers, and contains dozens of files with UNRWA staff names, ID numbers, schedules and curriculum materials.”

The group of UNRWA teachers shares videos, pictures, and messages inciting Jihadi terrorism whilst openly celebrating the Hamas massacre.

When UN Watch confronted UNRWA with the issue, they dismissed UN Watch as “extremists trying to undermine the agency.”

Once an accident. Twice a choice.

Almog Boker of Israel’s Channel 13 reported that one of the Israeli hostages who has since been released, was held captive by an UNRWA teacher.
What did UNRWA do in response? Their first reaction was to accuse Boker of spreading “misinformation” based on “unsubstantiated” information. Rejecting the globalist organization’s accusations, Boker doubled down on his report.

UNRWA’s Controversy

UNRWA has been embroiled in controversy for years for what some would call aiding and abetting Hamas. For example, weapons and tunnels have been found in and under UNRWA schools to which poor excuses are given by the UN branch. And it’s not only UNRWA that targets Israel within the globalist UN system.

In 2023, two thirds of the resolutions criticizing nations at the UN General Assembly were against Israel whilst a UN Women official violated the UN code of conduct by using her social media to endorse over 150 claims that Israel committed “genocide” and other crimes.

After reviewing a vast amount of statements and communications by UNRWA, we have found that there is no true condemnation of Hamas nor do they really ever say the terrorist group’s name.

In a Twitter thread calling on the UN to take action, Hillel Neuer documented examples of the thousands of hateful posts found within the Telegram thread:

  • UNRWA teacher Waseem Ula, who regularly posts information on salaries that he passes on from UNRWA Gaza head of human resources Sami Abu Kamil, calls to kill Israelis, and glorifies the Oct. 7th massacre. At one moment, Ula informs the group’s 3,000 UNRWA teachers that “salaries will be paid on Sunday.”Another moment, he shares a video glorifying Hamas attacks, and posts a photo of a suicide bomb vest wired with explosives, with the caption: “Wait, sons of Judaism.” Ula also glorified terrorist Akran Abu Hasanen — a perpetrator of the October 7th massacre — as a “Qassami martyr,” “friend” and “brother.” He prayed to Allah to “admit him to paradise without judgment.”

  • UNRWA teacher Abdallah Mehjez does Hamas’ work by urging Gaza civilians not to heed warnings to move out of harm’s way, and instead to serve as human shields. Before UNRWA, this terrorist accomplice worked for the BBC.

  • UNRWA teacher Shatha Husam Al Nawajha (UNRWA Contract #30030836) often shares information in the group on when and how to get paid UNRWA salaries. On October 7th, when her colleague exulted, “They breastfed Jihad with their mother’s milk,” she added, “May Allah grant them victory.”


UNRWA is voluntarily funded and relies heavily upon contributions by the U.S. Any funding given to the globalist organization by the U.S. doesn’t just appear, it is produced by you and me, the taxpayer.

A key point to note is that contributions to UNRWA are voluntary and not part of the mandatory contributions required when a nation joins the United Nations.

President Trump halted funding to the anti-Israel group back in 2018 resulting in the organization having to layoff staff and slash budgeting towards their programs. If it could happen before, it can (and needs to) happen again. There is no reason why the superpower of the world, the one nation others look to for moral guidance, should be giving our tax dollars towards a branch of the UN which has a complete bias against our strongest ally. UNRWA survives because of U.S. contributions, what message does funding anti-Israel UNRWA say to the world?

If we really do have a sincere desire to see our nation blessed, we must be the ones who harness the influence we have in the world, to continue being a light to the nations, by following Numbers 24:9 which says, “Blessed is everyone who blesses you, O Israel, and cursed is everyone who curses you.”

Thank you for your support.

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