Will the NY Stock Exchange Sell Out America?

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Utah’s State Treasurer, Marlo Oaks, went on the Glenn Beck Show to discuss the latest threat to America’s sovereignty, Natural Asset Companies (NACs).

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has given a proposal to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to allow Natural Asset Companies to be publicly traded.

The primary issue, according to Oaks, is that these types of companies “will permanently stop economically essential activities like grazing, mineral extraction, modern agriculture, it can severely curtail recreational access, we’re basically talking about the destruction of rural America.”

Getting to the root of the issue, Oaks says, “It’s really an attempt to take control of America’s natural resources. This can be done through these natural asset companies from hostile nations that contribute to these. And we’re essentially putting a value on natural processes…”

“This is just another financial scam to make people a lot of money… but this one, unlike the scams that cost us, you know, almost our freedom last time in 2008… Let’s say you buy stock in this company… you would be giving the money to buy up the rights to all of the minerals and even the air. And you can’t develop…a forest because there’s lots of clear air that’s being generated,” Glenn Beck posed as a question of sorts to Oaks.

A fascinating response was given by Oaks who stated, “That’s exactly right. Basically, the New York Stock Exchange went to the Securities and Exchange Commission and said we need a rule that will allow us to list companies whose purpose isn’t to make money but is to provide ecological services. And what are those ecological services? It is the biological systems that are creating clean air. So think of a forest, right, taking carbon out of the air and converting it into oxygen, what is that worth? What are underground aquifers worth?… It’s what we think of as God-given processes that are now going to be monetized. And people who own these companies, who put money into these companies, stand to benefit from that at the expense of our country.”

This is yet another means of attacking farming and agriculture and it’s all being done in the name of fighting the “climate crisis”.

Wall Street and large corporations alike had been pushing the ESG scam (Environmental, Social and Governance) for years, many without informing their investors that their money was going towards the “pro-environment” scam. So when investors found out where their money was actually going, they wanted out. It is probable that this move by the NY Stock Exchange and the SEC is an attempt to accomplish a similar goal by sneakily making money in the name of environmentalism, but through this method, they would also be stripping away fundamental rights.

Carol Roth, author of “You Will Own Nothing” posted on X, “Natural Asset Companies are worse than ESG on steroids – imagine Wall Street or even foreign countries having control over our food, energy and water… NAC is pushing for control of America’s natural resources… The NAC designation was created by Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), which includes folks from various environmental/ecology backgrounds. Their website is sketchy about who is supporting them, but several sites have reported support from the Rockefeller Foundation + others.”

This is critical for us to always find out who is funding a cause, especially when our rights are under attack. If you can pinpoint, or at the very least, find the direction funding is stemming from, you can start to understand the true intent of a project.

Roth also stated IEG’s “idea is to allow NACs to buy the ability to control or “manage” productive public & private land/other natural resources,” and that NACs, “impact our ability to generate + access energy, critical minerals, water + food, but it could also put those decisions in the hands of institutions, such as foreign govts, which could invest in these NACs and have de facto control over America’s resources.”

This is the latest scheme by the climate cult and their allies to bypass the legal system in order to push their agenda.

Though the purported goal is to manage resources to improve earnings potential, the result will actually be the removal of productivity of assets.

Where is the issue?

NACs can be weaponized to help seize the sovereignty of indebted nations. How? Governments will have the ability to sell off the real wealth of their nation, their land, and the rights to their natural resources, to companies for debt relief. Investors in NACs could be foreign countries, Wall Street, or colleges.

What can we do about it?

Call all our representatives and state officials ASAP, as the SEC will be deciding on this proposal in a couple of weeks. Tell them to put pressure on the SEC to not allow File No. SR-NYSE-2023-09; don’t allow the NYSE to list Natural Asset Companies.

We can also contact the SEC directly. Please do not forget to include File No. R-NYSE-2023-09 in the email subject or on any paper drafts.

National sovereignty is important for the sake of this generation’s security, as well as all those to come. We must do our duty to protect the rights we have as a nation over our own land and resources. This proposal by the NYSE must not pass.

Thank you for your support.

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