SCOTUS Rejects Fast-tracking Case Against Trump

SCOTUS Rejects Fast-tracking Case Against Trump - Encounter Today - Blog

In an attempt to expedite his case against President Trump, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s appeal on the issue of Presidential immunity in the January 6 trial has been denied by the Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

President Trump sought to have the January 6 case dismissed on grounds of presidential immunity. The DC Court of Appeals was scheduled to hear the case on January 9, 2024, but Special Counsel for Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, Jack Smith, wanted to expedite the matter to adhere to his March 4 trial deadline (before next year’s election). That trial date is now dissolved and President Trump’s immunity appeals could extend past the 2024 election.

If President Trump loses at the appeals level, it is most likely that he will personally petition SCOTUS to hear the case which usually prefers to let a lower court decide before taking a case on themselves. President Trump’s lawyers have written a filing asking the Supreme Court to not take up the case until the appellate court issued their ruling in January.

Even CNN’s legal analyst, Elie Honig, said that Jack Smith’s request to rush this trial before the 2024 election “crosses the line to the political.”

This is a huge win for the former President, the Constitution and the judicial process in America which has been smeared by anti-Constitutionalists as “dead” or “in need of reform”.

As we celebrate this victory, let us also be very cautious on this matter, as Democrats will most likely point to SCOTUS as a court that has become politicized and use moments, such as this, to paint the court as outdated and in need of A. more justices for the sake of our democracy or B. too politicized and requiring an overhaul.

As for Jack Smith and those trying to abuse the system, this is an immense loss. The Constitution won today and politics has not, this is something we can be incredibly grateful for.

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