POLL: Gen Z Holds Positive Views of Terrorist Osama bin Laden

Gen Z Holds Positive Views of Terrorist Osama bin Laden - Encounter Today - Blog

According to a poll conducted by JL Partners and the Daily Mail, one in five Gen Z Americans have a positive view of terrorist Osama bin Laden with eight percent of those 18 to 29 years of age holding a “completely positive” view of the now deceased terrorist connected to the 9/11 attacks on America, whilst 12 percent said they hold a “somewhat positive” view.

Disturbingly, the poll also revealed one in ten Americans who are 30 years of age and younger hold a favorable view of the terrorist organization, Hamas, which recently launched a terrorist attack and acts of war against Israel on October 7th, slaughtering over a thousand innocent civilians.

A total of eight percent of the Gen Z group polled also believe that bin Laden’s “views and actions” are good, compared to the 23 percent who believe his actions weren’t good but his views were. How in the world have we landed here?


It only takes a small minority, 3.5% of the population in fact, actively participating in protests to ensure serious political change according to a study conducted by Erica Chenoweth, a political scientist at Harvard University. That’s why it’s important for us to notice trends and connect them to current events, such as the eight percent of American voters who indicated that they have a positive opinion of Osama bin Laden, compared to 81 percent who said they have a negative opinion of him.

This man was a terrorist! To see even a one or two percentage of inclination towards him in America is bizarre, but 8 percent? That’s outrageous. Meanwhile, fourteen percent said the terrorist had “some good in terms of either his views, actions or both” while 70 percent said both his views and actions were bad.

Thankfully, the majority of Americans polled weren’t in favor of the terrorist’s actions or views, but the youth most certainly are.

There has been a sharp shift in public opinion that coincides with actions taken by younger Americans who have expressed doubt about Bin Laden’s depravity.

After the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas against Israel, anti-Israel sentiment was largely expressed online, and as time has gone on, many anti-Israel demonstrations have made their way to the streets of America.

One TikTok influencer went so far as to praise Osama bin Laden’s infamous “Letter to America”, resulting in youth justifying the terrorist attack on America. The “Letter to America” issues insults against America for creating laws based on God-given natural rights and tells the United States to adopt Shariah law.


Polls aren’t everything. They pull from a small segment of the population just as this poll did, however, even this small group expressing such sentiment about a terrorist who murdered their fellow citizens is cause for concern.

All the freedoms American citizens possess are a result of God-given natural rights being acknowledged and protected by law. If the youth of America desire Shariah law, let them pack their bags and try living under it in a country where it’s the law of the land. Guaranteed, they’d come running back to America, that is, if they were permitted to leave.

One thing is for certain, America remains the number one nation people flee to because of her acknowledgment of God-given natural rights. Strip that away from the very fabric of this great nation, and where do those in distress turn to?

America is a beacon of light to many nations globally, if she wasn’t as some suggest, why have so many nations used her Constitution which is filled with Biblical references, to create their own? Why do nations seek alliances with United States?

Being a light to the nations doesn’t just happen; it is the by-product of guiding principles coupled with corresponding action.

As America has drifted away from her Judeo-Christian roots, it’s no wonder so many have no understanding of the times we are in nor of the significance of Israel.

This is an open door. Our window of opportunity.

This is what we can do in this hour:

1. Learn what God has to say about Israel.
2. Study the Bible to gain an understanding of the times we are living in.
3. Review the sequence of events laid out for us in the Bible so we can help others understand what we are witnessing is not a coincidence.
4. Combat radical, anti-Israel ideology with the Word of God and historical facts.
5. Learn about the God-given natural rights we have in America and share our findings with others. (If government schools aren’t going to teach the next generation, then we must!)

Thank you for your support.

If you appreciate the work we do to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, please consider giving a gift to help us continue this work. Maranatha!

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