‘CoComelon Lane’ Debuts Toddler Dancing for Gay Dads, Parents Outraged

‘CoComelon Lane’ Debuts Toddler Dancing for Gay Dads, Parents Outraged - Encounter Today - Blog

The popular Netflix show for preschoolers called ‘Cocomelon Lane’ has introduced its first LGBTQ characters with a scene where a preschool boy appears in a tiara and tutu to dance for his gay dads.

The episode called “Just be me,” depicts the male child looking for a costume which he asks his gay dads to affirm which one looks best to which they encourage him to “be himself.” “Think about all the things you like to do; just be you,” they sing to him. After rejecting more masculine attire like a firefighter costume, he settles on a tiara and tutu.

Parents are rightfully outraged with the “woke” direction the spinoff of the original ‘Cocomelon’ show has been steered in, especially after years of the beloved program being a safe form of entertainment for their children’s viewing.

The Executive Director of Consumers’ Research and father of two, Will Hild, told Fox News Digital this was an attempt to “groom” children and expressed how “disgusted” he is.

Hild believes the woke episode doesn’t just promote same-sex families but is being used to encourage cross-dressing as well, which he believes is pushing an agenda, “given everything that is going on with drag queen story hours” and sexually explicit books in schools.

Most shows that are open about their political bent from the onset generally won’t see much success, Netflix has realized this, so they have snuck LGTB and woke themes into much beloved shows in an “insidious” way, he claims.

‘Cocomelon Lane’ isn’t the only (formerly) kid’s show that has gone woke after years of family friendly content, Peppa Pig and Arthur have also been filled with woke ideologies which has only hurt the networks hosting them.

Children are like sponges, and that is why parents must be vigilant and proactive in protecting children from being exposed to ideologies being pushed through seemingly “safe” entertainment.

If the enemy sees value in a child’s innocence, how much more should parents and those with children in their lives!

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” ~ Psalm 127:3. If God places such a high value upon children and their innocence (Matthew 18:6), then shouldn’t we!

Not only should we expose that which seeks to destroy their innocence but we should also be proactive in teaching them the truth so as they grow and are launched into the world (Psalm 127:4), they might be effective in carrying out their calling of being the salt and light this generation of confusion so desperately needs.

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