Colorado Supreme Court BARS Trump from Ballot – This Is A Psyop

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Colorado Supreme Court BARS Trump from Ballot - This Is A Psyop - Encounter Today - Blog

The Colorado Supreme Court has banned former President Trump from the state’s primary ballot.

In an explosive dissent, one of the many Democrat-appointed Justices stated that this ruling undermines a “bedrock principle” of American democracy.

So what does this mean? The Colorado Supreme Court doesn’t believe President Trump should be included on the primary ballot but stayed their court order pending an appeal to the Supreme Court, which the Trump campaign has vowed to do, which will stay their court order indefinitely. This means that President Trump will most likely still be on the ballot. Multiple other state supreme courts have dismissed similar efforts to remove Trump from the ballot, including in several Democrat States.

That being said, this move by the Colorado Supreme Court is the epitome of corruption.

How does the Colorado court ruling have any standing, you may ask? It was based upon Section three of the 14th Amendment which disqualifies individuals from running for the office of President if they incited an insurrection.

This is what everyone needs to understand: President Trump was never convicted or charged with “insurrection”, no one involved on January 6 was convicted or charged with “insurrection”, President Trump was acquitted on the second impeachment on charges that related to the events of January 6 and the 14th Amendment and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment do not apply to the President.

Attempts to keep President Trump off the ballot for an offence he hasn’t been tried or convicted of is a violation of his right to due process which is also guaranteed to him by 14th Amendment.

Constitutional lawyer, KrisAnne Hall, has come out saying, “Don’t call me a sycophant or Trump worshipper. This is not about Trump. It’s about due process & maintaining the individual rights of the accused. It is legally unreasonable for Trump to be deemed ineligible on the basis of “insurrection” when he has never been convicted of such. It is improper for the court to consider this matter as the issue of insurrection has never been brought before this court and Trump has not given his right to due process.
We are either a nation built on innocence until proven guilty or not.”

As a result, Colorado’s Republican Party says it will withdraw as a party and convert to a “pure caucus system”, allowing them to choose their nominee if the ruling to keep former President Trump off the ballot stands.

Republican Presidential Candidate, Vivek Ramaswamay, immediately came out saying he would withdraw from the Colorado GOP primary ballot until Trump is also allowed to be on the ballot whilst demanding the same of the Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Chris Christie.

Representative Robert Aderholt stated that, “State courts should not be in the business of deciding who may or may not seek federal office. This ruling also realistically has no impact at all on the electoral college.”

What isn’t too surprising is how the Colorado lawsuit was filed by a Soros funded outlet which was then decided by an all Democrat-appointed Supreme Court and the Democrat Colorado Secretary of State who appeared almost immediately on MSNBC with a celebratory tone as if one’s revenge had been satisfied.

On this matter, we must take a long range view because ultimately, the courts are removing a critical decision from American voters and beyond that, what is deeply concerning is that this ruling has no limiting principle. If Democrats are successful in this attempt to disqualify a legitimate candidate, then who’s to say they won’t use this same tactic against future candidates as well? In situations like these, we must always see past our present circumstance to see what could happen in the future as a result.

Republicans have the ability to pull the same move and remove Biden from the ballot based upon his failure to secure our Southern border and allowing an invasion, both of which fall within the Court’s broad definition of “engaging in insurrection,” but just because they can, does that mean they should?

The very individuals and groups who initiated this dramatic political game, project concerns with the interference of elections and the state of democracy yet the Supreme Court of Colorado has now officially interfered with elections and the state of democracy. This is utter nonsense.

Earlier this year, Colorado Judge Sarah B. Wallace ruled that President Trump engaged in insurrection on January 6, but she had to allow him to remain on the ballot due to a technicality. The ruling was objected to by both sides and even though this was merely a civil case, the Judge came to a criminal conclusion. Again, more nonsense.

This is a psyop and an abuse of our judicial system.

These events are meant to stir chaos just like the events on January 6th were inspired to do. This is a game of politics. The hope of activists in the courts and government is for someone to be so enraged that they will lash out over this bogus ruling. No one should give in to their antics.

As if the establishment within the Republican Party and their co-conspirators in the Democrat Party haven’t learned yet, the more they smear and try to block the former President, the higher his ratings increase.

Times and events like these should cause us to be cautious. Do not feed into the ensuing chaos and outrage, that is the desired outcome the political establishment wants. Observe and call out corruption and then demand justice through proper procedural channels. Our system is not broken, it is, however, being abused. From this place, review what is being touted across media headlines and choose to take a more level headed approach to viewing our current reality.

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