The Netherlands Rejects Globalist Migration Policies

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The Netherlands Rejects Globalist Migration Policies - Encounter Today - Blog

What’s Happening:

The Dutch Parliament has just voted in favor of a historic motion – they will now be able to opt out of the EU’s asylum and migration policy, this comes after Denmark has voted to do the same!

Just as Britain rejected the European Union (EU) resulting in BREXIT, could this be the beginning of NEXIT in the Netherlands?

How Did We Get Here:

Globalist organizations like the EU have established themselves during or after the world crisis, making themselves appear necessary. While some good has come from unelected bodies like the EU, they have continually expanded their authority to the point of making the sovereignty of the nations irrelevant whilst demanding policies that reflect the globalist ideal above that which is best for each nation.

What we are witnessing across Europe will fill the pages of history, impacting generations to come.

Conservatism vs. Globalism:

Recent elections in the Netherlands were that of historic proportions with conservative, Geert Wilders, who has been smeared for his pro-sovereignty stances, winning a substantial number of seats in the general election.

After this election, people throughout Europe could feel the reverberation of a systemic change coming.

Nation after nation within the EU has been experiencing the brunt of wicked policies, one of the most dominant among them is the open border policies which are wreaking havoc on the once-civilized streets of European countries. Parallel societies and gang violence have emerged as a result.

I am often faced with the question of “why do people keep voting for politicians who preach “tolerance” around key issues like immigration and migration?”

Here is the simple truth: Until a policy affects someone personally, there’s not a strong pull to take action in the ballot box, but Europeans have now been: A. personally affected by policies the EU has forced upon their nation and B. awoken to the realities of what is happening in their own backyard thanks to independent media.

All across Europe, scores of centrist/center-right parties are now willing to work alongside conservative parties to form governments. The tide is turning throughout Europe as we’ve witnessed with the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Greece, and others to follow. Three of the primary issues leading to conservative majorities? Migration, radical climate policies, and the protection of national sovereignty.

Organizations like the EU have become bullies to those with differing values and beliefs. Take Hungary as an example.

After passing a bill banning the promotion of gay lifestyles to children under the age of 18, the European Parliament voted to take legal action against the nation as the legislation breached “EU values, principles and law”. This is one reason why upholding sovereignty is of utmost importance – if you want to uphold or implement righteous law in a nation, there must be independence to ensure it stands.

The European Parliament then urged the European Commission to bully Hungary by utilizing a mechanism which would allow the EU to reduce budget allocations to Hungary for breaching their law.

Regardless of the tactics and mechanisms deployed, Hungary stood her ground and chose the protection of her citizenry and her sovereignty over EU law. What an example for other nations!

The trend towards conservatism in Europe will inevitably affect the EU, which is set to establish a new European Parliament in 2024. Whilst there is much work to be done in and around Europe, we can thank God for the shift that is occurring as more and more people realize the need to defend the nations God has placed us in.

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