Are Cyberattacks Prophesied in the Bible?

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Are Cyberattacks Prophesied in the Bible? - Encounter Today - Blog

The United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on National Security Strategy has issued an imminent warning that a massive cyberattack could affect vast swaths of critical infrastructure that are vulnerable to ransomware attacks within the UK.

This report comes on the heels of UK residents being told they should stock up on battery-powered radios and torches, as well as candles and first aid kits in order to prepare for power cuts or digital communications going down as directed by the deputy prime minister.

War In a New Age

War in 2023 looks a lot different than it did in the 1800 or 1900’s. In today’s world, the surest way to cripple a nation isn’t necessarily by a physical invasion but through destroying her connectivity and communications infrastructure.

On a microscale of what a cyber war could look like is seen in the story of two Las Vegas hotels held hostage by cyber criminals. Internal communications were shut down whilst operations were thrown back to pre-internet conditions. Only cash could be used and no card payments were available.

For whole societies to be plugged into the web with full reliance on it for their daily functions, it has left the citizenry of nations vulnerable and it is governments who have lead the charge in shifting whole nations over from a physical to a digital means of living.

Wars and Rumours of Wars…

In a world so woven together and reliant on communications infrastructure, the lack of access to the web could produce heating shortages, business closures, increased crime, and the list could continue at nauseam. Many of these dramatic consequences of a system connected to the web have been put on display in Obama’s race-baiting, the predictive programmed film “Leave the World Behind”.

Whilst we read headlines of traditional wars happening both on a large and smaller scale, the wars we will start to see more of are that of a cyber nature.

The Bible has spoken of all sorts of signs of the last days before the Lord’s return with incredible accuracy. Could it be that the “rumors of wars” spoken of in Matthew 24:6-13 aren’t just the physical invasion of nations but the wars governments are actively preparing for with cyberwarfare?

Regardless of what happens external to us, staying in a place of faith through prayer because this is what changes our internal perspective of the times from worry to fearless.

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