Christmas Deemed Racist in Canada?

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Christmas Deemed Racist in Canada? - Encounter Today - Blog

In a Discussion Paper On Religious Intolerance, the Canadian Human Rights Commission singled out Christmas as an example of religious discrimination because its roots are founded in Christianity.

The report called Christmas “an obvious example” of intolerance and colonialism. What a joke.

“Canada’s history with religious intolerance is deeply rooted in our identity as a settler colonial state,” it said but according to the Canadian Encyclopedia, Christmas in Canada pre-dates Confederation and occurred as early as 1641.
“No one is free until we are all free,” wrote the Commission, calling Christmas an example of elevating “white, male, Christian” identities in an attempt to exclude those of differing identities. Do they know where Jesus was born or the language he spoke?

Census figures show that roughly 19.3 million Canadians identify as Christian, that’s a majority of all Canadian adults!
“According to the Canadian Human Rights Commission the simple celebration of Christmas — the tree, the family, the music, the gifts — is systemic racism,” said Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet. “I wonder if good old Santa Claus is racist. I wonder if snow has become racist,” he added.

Blanchet asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to explain the Discussion Paper saying, “Is Christmas racist?” to which PM Trudeau replied, “Obviously Christmas is not racist.”
Members of Parliament from both sides of the aisle unanimously condemned the Canadian Human Rights Commission report saying people must be free to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ without fear of discrimination.

“It is still incredible we have to remind people Christmas is not discriminatory,” said the leader of the Bloc Québécois. “Everyone agrees on the importance of this.”
A motion was put before the House of Commons asking Members of Parliament to denounce the polarizing report and “unite during this Christmas period” to which the House united amid shouts of “Merry Christmas!”

Upon reading the report, Quebec’s National Assembly also unanimously condemned the report whilst adopting a motion to defend Christmas.
The Human Rights Commission counterpart in Quebec also expressed an opinion on the discriminatory effect of Christmas festivities to which Quebec’s Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette stated, “Honestly, we’ll continue to celebrate Christmas, and we won’t apologize for celebrating Christmas in Quebec.”

The Canadian Human Rights Commission recently updated its website saying, “To be clear, the Commission has not issued a statement or a position on Christmas or any other religious holiday. Of course, Christmas is not racist.” Sounds like somebody got caught and feels a little bit guilty for their absurd attack on a Christian holiday which the majority of Canadians celebrate!

At a time when Christianity is under attack in the West, it’s encouraging to see how a radical government like PM Trudeau’s is being held to account and as a result, are being forced to publicly defend those who choose to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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