Paris Hilton Leaves 20 Baby Boys to Freeze, Waits for Girl

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Paris Hilton Leaves 20 Baby Boys to Freeze Waits for Girl - Encounter Today - Blog

Paris Hilton recently announced the birth of her baby girl London who was born out of IVF and surrogacy. Earlier this year, Hilton announced she had 20 sons frozen while undergoing the IVF process to see if she could produce a girl instead of boys. She said she had always dreamed of being a mother but does she understand that both practices carry their own set of impacts on the child and on society?


Being selective of the children one produces has created a trend in the entertainment sphere, so much so that it’s even received its own term “Designer Babies”. Though it sounds fantastical, designer babies are produced through the genetic testing of embryos where many are discarded in favor of those with “desirable features”.

This is an attempt at playing God to create children in what humanity deems to be the “ideal” image.

Implications of Playing God in Reproduction

Anything done outside of the order in which God established is due to experience complications and chaos.

Surrogacy: If we are to speak plainly, surrogates are paid by others to use their bodies to gestate another human being. This practice impacts the children who are a result of it. It has been scientifically proven that surrogacy can permanently alter a baby’s brain, leaving her susceptible to depression, abandonment issues, and emotional issues related to attachment, bonding, and self-esteem. Surrogacy also impacts society as it communicates the message that women’s bodies are mere commodities available for other uses. Where are the feminists? Shouldn’t they be outraged?

What about IVF?

Children, just like adults, have the right to be treated as those bearing the image of God not as a product of human selection. Currently, there are an estimated one million children frozen in the United States. For children who will never be “used” (allowed to be born after they’ve begun their life’s journey at fertilization), they are labeled as “leftovers”. Around 1.7 million human beings have already died during the IVF process. When will people say enough is enough?!

So what happens to the children who are labeled as “leftovers”? They’re donated to research, given to another couple, or destroyed.

In good faith, can we say surrogacy and IVF are the best choices for women or the pre-born child? The answer can only be “no”.

Cultural Aspect

Each one of Hilton’s children, as well as the 1.7 million victims of IVF, are the result of a culture obsessed with self and sex.

Children have been painted as products we can build when it’s convenient, bought and sold when it’s desired, or discarded when they don’t have the features or the sex we want.

But God’s view of humanity is beautiful and sacred and that of immense value.

Many have never heard how God created them uniquely (Psalm 139:13-16), how he loves them abundantly or how he has a good plan for their life (Jeremiah 29:11) which means everyday is an opportunity for us to impact our sphere of influence by sharing God’s view of who we are to him, and it all begins with how we love one another (John 13:35).

Culture’s opinions on the value of life have thrown us back to the days of Noah. We knew this would happen but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let them dominate the talking points in society. We know how precious every life is!

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