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Satanic Abortion Rituals Promoted By Cosmopolitan Magazine - Encounter Today - Blog

Cosmopolitan Magazine has published an insane article promoting an abortion facility created by the Satanic Temple, as well as publishing instructions on how to perform your own satanic abortion ceremony.

Cosmopolitan Satanic Abortion X Post - Encounter Today - Blog

After the fall of Roe v. Wade in 2022, the Satanic Temple established the “Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic”. Does that name sound familiar? That’s because it’s the name of one of the SCOTUS Justices who voted to overturn the unconstitutional ruling. In a rather petty attempt to smear Justice Alito, activists named the facility as they wished Alito’s mother had aborted him. Who even thinks like that?

Abortion: A Spiritual Ritual Wrapped in Political Talking Points

Since the beginning, the enemy’s desire wasn’t only to separate God’s most valued creation from Him, but to utterly destroy those who bear his image (John 10:10).

American politics has turned abortion into a mere political issue used to differentiate between political parties, when in reality, it’s always been a spiritual matter. Nothing is new under the sun (Ecc 1:9), whether it was in ancient times where children were sacrificed to Moloch or today, where publications seek to normalize abortion as a satanic ritual, the roots of this evil practice haven’t changed, how we talk about it has.

Cosmopolitan Satanic Abortion Mantra X Post - Encounter Today - Blog

Setting Our Eyes on the Unseen

Whatever happens in the physical realm begins in the spiritual (2 Cor 4:18). Generations have been groomed through entertainment to view witchcraft as an exciting “escape”, one that can open the door to a supernatural realm full of mystical experiences. Although this is disturbing, it can also serve us with hope.

People are desperately looking for truth because we’re all created with an innate desire to worship, many are just being led in the wrong direction. There is an outcry of hunger for the things of God, this is our opportunity!

Gaining Heaven’s Perspective

In these days, as we see the world seek to normalize the demonic and cause confusion (2 Tim 3:13, Luke 17:26-30), we know the remnant will shine brighter and brighter.

God called us to help those being led towards slaughter (Prov 24:11-12) and in this case, that applies to the innocent children in the womb, as well as those who are in bondage committing the abortions themselves. Having an eternal perspective on any issue is key. We all have a sphere of influence whether that’s a mother in the home, a preacher in a pulpit or an iron steel worker. The call to protect life was given to us all.


This article is an act of desperation because the enemy sees the work of the righteous bearing fruit. Several states are seeing decreases in abortions, the desire for larger families has hit a 50 year high and more Americans are identifying as pro-life!

Understand this: out of anyone, at any point in time, God chose us for this period in history. And those God calls, he equips (2 Tim 3:16-17). For decades people have only been exposed to one way of thinking on the issue of abortion and the Christian’s perspective on it. What an honor that you and I have to get to bring them the absolute truth that is marked with love (1 Cor 16:14, 1 John 13:34-35).

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