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Undermining The Current Revival: THIS Demonic Spirit is Coming To Stop Revival - Encounter Today

“’My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” Matthew 21:13

In the middle of one of the greatest outpourings of revival in recent history, are we preparing God’s people for failure? Are we equipping those being revived with the weapons they need to thrive, or are we cutting them off at the knees, leaving them defenseless when the adversary inevitably strikes?

Have Spiritual Blood On Their Hands

In the last days, many will be taken captive by the devil at his will and be deceived by the spirit most trusted by the devil, mammon. Is it possible that the spirit of Mammon could hinder the flow of this revival? This anti-christ spirit will weary and drain believers who don’t know how to depend on God’s provision. Those who hinder God’s children from learning how to prosper and handle God’s provisions will have spiritual blood on their hands, because without this biblical teaching, many will fall into the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches (Mark 4:19). Without a clear understanding of the biblical principles of God’s provision and prosperity, we will not be able to reach those in need with the overflow God intends for us to operate in.

This is not the time to tilt at windmills by fighting some perceived error you lived through in the 90s. It’s 2023, and the church has no clue what the Bible says about finances and how to trust God with them. Their ignorance will make them (preachers and parishioners alike) easily distracted, deceived, and defeated. You can preach revival all you want, and they can weep at your altars, but when the bill comes due, they’re going to buckle under the pressure and go back into the world’s system unless we teach them what the Bible says about relying on God’s abundant supply (Phil 4:19).

Here’s How Ridiculous We’ve Become

If we want people saved, we preach salvation. If we want people healed, we preach healing. If we want revival, we preach revival. If we want people to have a good marriage, we preach marriage principles from the Word. BUT if we want people to be blessed, we tell them to stay away from any preaching or teaching about blessing. Why do we do this? Because of some misguided attempt to save people from error or appear trustworthy in the audience’s eyes. All of this is a deception from the spirit of mammon itself.

In the same way that a healthy marriage is not going to just happen because there are fundamentals that a couple has to apply, prosperity is not something that just happens by itself. You can’t just preach repentance and hope they get their financial houses in order. It won’t happen.

We’re so afraid of talking about money that we treat it like someone treats firearms who is both afraid and ignorant of them (they just stay away from them and hope their children never run across one). If you just tell your kids to stay away from guns because you’re afraid of them, you’re not helping them stay safe. If you want them to be safe, then you will teach them everything you can about the gun, how to handle it, and the basic principles of firearm safety. Otherwise, later in life, their sheer curiosity is going to cause them to pick one up and then potentially hurt themselves or others. No amount of hiding your head in the sand or focusing on nobler things will fix this.

Well, I Understand That, But…

We’re hiding our heads in the sand, hoping revival will come and fix all our financial problems. It’s not going to happen. The Bible gives us specific instructions on what to expect from God financially and how to handle His abundance. Learn them and teach them!

Don’t give me this: “Well, I understand that, but when I attack the prosperity gospel, I’m just talking about the selfish abuses of the message.” No! You weren’t that nuanced in your attack on biblical prosperity, and none of your listeners picked up on that. Your vague generalization poisoned the well for your entire audience. Now that you’ve painted with such a broad, uninspired stroke, your audience won’t pay attention to ANY teaching on the subject. Their ability to trust God in that area and their ability to hear anyone who could assist them has been hampered by you. God will not hold us guiltless if we make His body susceptible to the spirit of mammon by attacking His prosperity.

Faith is needed to hear and receive the principles God has laid out in His Word concerning His abundance. Faith comes by hearing (Rom. 10:17). Faith for God’s provision can only come to the Body of Christ by preaching, not by wishing and hoping. No matter how much someone wants revival, if they violate God’s principles, they will not see His provision. The Calvinistic concept that, “If God wants me to have it, He’ll give it to me” needs to die in the Spirit-filled church. It’s time to rise up, take responsibility, and understand that we’re expected to obey His Word. That’s hard to do if you don’t know what it says.

“It should have been given to the poor.”

In these last days, God is raising up men and women who will need to focus on this subject intensely because so many ministers have abandoned it and, in doing so, abandoned God’s people. Revivals frequently fail because “the borrower is subject to the lender.” Many want to obey the Lord, but they are enslaved to another master (debt) and don’t know how to break free from it biblically. When the revival fires wear off, they’ll go back to their old masters.

Why do we avoid and even attack those who preach this subject? “Because of abuses!” No. There are abuses in every area of doctrine, but we don’t scare people away from studying prophecy or grace (pick any subject) because of dangerous error. Why do ministers attack it? FEAR! We’re terrified of what the audience or our peers will think. This is the work of the spirit of mammon, and it must be broken. Many have been brainwashed by this demonic spirit’s propaganda. It’s the same spirit that attacked Abel in Genesis 4. It’s the same spirit that was on Judas (John 12:5) when he complained that, “It should have been given to the poor.” It’s the same spirit that has attacked and accused the Jewish community, particularly in the last century.

NOTE: Take a look at the accusations made against the Jewish community in the last century and compare them to what is said in the modern church about “The Prosperity Gospel.” It’s almost verbally identical. Before you go attacking abundance, you may want to ask yourself, “Whose side am I on when I do this?” As Marxism rises in society, you’ll see an increase in the attacks against prosperity in the church. Coincidence? The spirit of mammon hates the real prosperity message because it is a message of personal accountability, obedience to the Word, self-sacrifice, and freedom. Capitalism was born out of the protestant reformation. Without that prosperity, the protestant reformation could have died and never spread across the world. You will not have a world-shaking revival without a prosperity revival, too. Joel 2:23-28 makes that clear, as does the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 (John 21:11).

We help no one when we put on the mask of false humility by attacking the prosperity message. I know what I’m talking about because I was once paralyzed by that same spirit. It took a radical encounter with Christ to open my eyes to be able to see mammon at work, and it’s taken years to learn how to not run from this fight. Souls are hanging in the balance, and many are in the valley of decision. If the church doesn’t prosper, we won’t reach them, and their blood will be on our hands because we didn’t teach the church how to walk in the power to get wealth.

Father, we bind the spirit of mammon in the name of Jesus Christ! We break its deceptive power and command the blinders to be removed. We come against the fear and the accusations that have surrounded Your abundance, and we silence them, according to Isaiah 54:17. Holy Spirit, have your way, revive this message in your church, and help us shake the world!

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