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God Says Its Time To Fight - Encounter Today

In the last 3,400 years, the earth has only known 268 years of peace. Only eight percent of the last three millenniums have been war free. As you read this, there are at least thirty wars going on around the world. There are few things more common to the human experience than battle.

Even in times of peace, nations plan for war and soldiers are trained for war because we understand the inevitability of it. I can remember, as I’m sure many of you do, the morning of September 11, 2001, as terrorists turned three passenger planes into guided missiles. Over 2,500 United States citizens died on that day, as our nation searched for answers. How could this happen? How could a handful of backwater radicals perpetrate such a strike on American soil?

After all the intel was examined and the commissions were completed, we had our answer:

They were at war with us, but we were not at war with them.

America was not on a war footing against radical Islam. As a result, the enemy was able to slip in unawares. Throughout history, we have learned that we are most at risk as a nation when we are war weary. The church faces a similar challenge today. Surrounded by enemies on every side, the average Christian goes about their day, casually quoting scripture and carelessly praying prayers without passion or meaning. As a result, the Church is assailed and assaulted with unexpected, yet predictable, blows.

The church’s “head-in-the-sand” military strategy is nothing new. The Church at Ephesus had a similar attitude. They were the most popular church in the region, but they didn’t know how to fight the good fight of faith. The Apostle Paul sent them a stern warning and gave them a serious mandate. A mandate can range from a single command to an executive order.

A mandate, by its very nature, includes the authority to act and carry out the given command. Paul gave the Ephesians a mandate: Put on the armor of God—you are going to need it. Inherent in the instruction to wear the armor was the ability to use the armor. We still have that ability today. If this is true, why does it surprise the average Christian to learn that they are a part of a great spiritual conflict?

The New Testament is replete with references to the spiritual war in which we are engaged. Jesus spoke more about casting out devils than He did about Heaven.


Because He understood that from the moment we are born again, we are born into a battle. His life and ministry were a perfect illustration of this. From the moment Jesus was baptized, He was engaged in hand-to-hand spiritual combat, and He wants us to be prepared to do the same.

Here’s the good news:

We were not only born for the battle, but we were born again to win the battle!

There is a great shaking taking place right now, and the battle lines are being drawn. God is about to exalt those who are His and expose those who are His enemies. The Lord Almighty is pouring out His Spirit and equipping those who are His with weapons that haven’t been seen for generations.

What side of the line are you going to be on? Will you be prepared to wield God’s end-time weaponry? Do you know how to put on the last days’ armor of God described in Ephesians 6?

I’ve written a book and an e-course to help you take a prophetic look at God’s armor. It’s called The Ephesian Mandate, and it is a right-now Word for the Church. It will equip you step-by-step, showing you how to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

In the days ahead you are going to learn things about spiritual warfare and the armor of God that are going to dramatically transform your life. This armor prophesies a battle — but this is a battle that has already been won. I am excited for you to take your prophetic place as you put on the armor of God!

It’s time for the church to stand up and fight!

It’s time for you to enlist in this winning army. Take a moment right now to lift your hands and pray, “Lord of Hosts, I give myself to you. Use me as a mighty weapon and show me how to wield your Word in these last days. I declare that I am armed for victory In Jesus Name, Amen!”


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