The Sword of the Lord

The Sword of the Lord

A Burning Bush or A Gleaming Sword?

Forged in the breath of God & tempered in the blood of His Son, there is a weapon unlike any other that God is about to place in your hands.

When God was leading His people into the Promised Land, he used two incredibly similar leaders, Moses and Joshua. It truly is shocking what these two men had in common.

  • They both had a dramatic encounter with the Divine.
  • They both were commanded to remove their sandals on holy ground.
  • They both parted waters (Red Sea and Jordan River)
  • They both sent out spies.
  • They both gave a lengthy farewell address before their death.

However, what they have in common is not nearly as interesting as what was different about them.

  • Moses led them out of bondage while Joshua led them into the Promised Land.
  • Moses parted the Red Sea to escape their enemies while Joshua parted the Jordan to attack their enemies.
  • Moses led them into deliverance while Joshua led them into victory.
  • Moses never made it into the Promised Land while Joshua eventually took possession of it.

As we enter a new year, it is important for you to understand that you are a part of a Joshua generation. Both Moses and Joshua were launched into their destiny with a Divine encounter. Moses had a burning bush, but Joshua had a gleaming sword.

I know that it may seem like the enemy has unlimited resources and unfettered access to your life but as the Son of God was kicked and prodded down the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem 2000 years ago, He was forging a weapon. Jesus didn’t go to the cross to create blinders for you to ignore your enemy. Jesus suffered and rose from the dead to create armor to overcome your enemy. He died so that you could wear His armor and wield the Sword of the Spirit.
When picking the name of the Messiah, it’s fascinating that they didn’t chose the name of the great deliverer, Moses. Instead, the chose the name of the great conqueror Joshua (Yehoshua/Jesus)!

This year when you declare His Word and pray in His Name you will be wielding a weapon that your enemies cannot contend with or run away from. This is the Year of the Sword of the Lord and His Church.

It’s time to Awaken the Armory!

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