YOu can now get the full Masterclass
with bonus material

What We Learned at ARMED 22

  • Practical tools and strategies for growing a YouTube channel
  • In-Depth Thumbnail tutorial
  • Search Engine Optimization 101
  • Vertical Video - What You Need to Know
  • Podcasting Fundamentals
  • Monetization - Fueling the Mission
  • The Power of the Niche (Who’s Your Audience)
  • The Perfect Video Setup

  • Title Creation - Getting The Click
  • Hook Development - AVD
  • Things Every Church Can Do Without a Media Team
  • 10X Your TikTok and Insta Influence
  • How to Get Your Team Behind the Vision
  • Monetization – Funding the Mission
  • What Is God Saying About Media in 2023 and Beyond?

"God is opening his armory and
releasing weapons that haven't been seen in generations."

- Alan DiDio

"Punch Fear in the face and hit record."

- Sean Cannell


We have an amazing lineup of media experts that will help you in different areas, including:
YouTube, Podcasting, Instagram, etc. and how we are going to take back media for the Kingdom.

Omar ElTakrori

Pastor Omar is a lead content creator at Think Media, THE channel to get the tips and tools to grow on YouTube. He is a Pastor and has developed his media skills in ministry.

Paul Duvall

Paul is the mastermind behind the It's Supernatural YouTube channels with Sid Roth

Hannah Williamson

Hannah is  binging the Prophetic word of God to Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Evan DiDio

Evan runs the Encounter Today YouTube channel and offers professional media services and consultations.

Shaun Tabatt

Shaun is the Master Podcaster connecting you with leaders across the globe. 

Armed for Victory Host, Alan DiDio

Alan hosts the Encounter Underground Podcast and Encounter Today on YouTube which reaches tens of thousands of people around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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